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Originally Posted by 1001puppys View Post

So, I had to reload a previous save. Luckily, the furthest I had to go back was my 94% save, which effectively means I have lost the following:

- All 50 stunt jumps
- the 15 mailbox mission
- All 30 submarine parts
- About a third of the waste cleanup (my save was during this tedious achievement)
- two stranger/freak missions

I don't know whether I should be happy not to have to play more than that over again or sad that I have to redo the worst parts of the game itself
The only annoying thing in that list is the 50 stunt jumps. I don't know what the mailbox missions are but the submarine parts and waste cleanup don't even count towards 100%. Actually the submarine parts don't count for anything so I don't understand why you would waste time collecting them.
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