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Handling the game is actually quite easy. Here are the translations you will definitely need.

Main Menu:

Ingame Menu:
Discover (You need to discover locations before you can move to them)
Enter Dungeon
Antique Shop (Only at location 22)
Hire (You can hire mercenaries for a set number of turns)
Task (You can accept automated Minijobs, cost a lot of turns)
Skip single turn
Enable Auto-Skip for current team
Home Point

Home Point Menu:
Create Party at Home Point

Amaneka Machbuster
Ogi Cutlass
Rie Mainstay
Deep Blue Golem
Mail Seagull
Eana Komet
Model 3
Toara Lavoakin
Lucky Cloud
Cal Ruslan

Map Controls:
(Left stick) Moves menu selection or target flag.
(Right stick) Scrolls map.
(A) Selects
(B) Cancels
(Y) Moves cursor to Party overview
(LB) Sets everyone to auto skip, but do not skip active turn
(RB) Removes auto-skip from everyone
(START) Options Menu

Dungeon Controls:
(A) Brings up cursor to move, same button confirms target and starts movement.
(X) Interact with objects
(B) Cancels
(LB)(RB) Switch between parties, if available.
(Y) Equipment

Equipment Menu:
(A) Takes item to move, also unequips!
(X) Brings up Item Menu
(Y) Closes Equipment Menu

Item Menu:

Access from the city map with (Y)

"F" is for Focus, which means, the camera will stay locked on this character. Can disable.
"S" is for Skip, which means, that party will auto-skip turns until disabled.

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