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Originally Posted by lifeexpectancy View Post
So I tried this game out based on a recommendation in the gamerscore popcast and it's awesome. However, it seems like people have to be cheating these speed runs or something. I mean take today (Nov 10th)'s living dead speed run challenge. My BEST time so far is around 23 seconds. I could maybe shave some time off, but seeing the diamond scores being under 15 seconds seems a bit absurd.

Is there some trick to running extremely fast? I hold down RT and figured out that pressing X to do a spin attack as you're running whenever you can/have room shaves off some time, and skipping the floating lumins b/c floating slows you down, but I don't see how it's fucking possible to finish it 8 full seconds faster, and none of these latest challenges are on youtube.
All the times are legit, there are many posts by me on page 1 explaining how to get the most out of your Rayman. I'm done with the game so can't tell you anything specific for that challenge
Getting diamond is never easy.
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