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I recently finished all the achievements for this game, in anticipation for the Xbox One version of it. So, I now have a map/world with all of the following in it, very close to each other. I am more than willing to freely help anyone who needs the following:

"Leader of the Pack" achievement. --- I have 2 wolves trapped in a box. Befriend, quit-without-saving, reload, repeat.

"When Pigs Fly" achievement. --- 1 pig trapped in a box, with the ground dug out beneath him + saddle nearby. Hop on, and I'll dig out under you 1 block. You'll fall and the achievement will pop.

"On A Rail" achievement. --- 500-meter mine cart rail nearby. Run to one end, ride to the other.

"Into The Nether" achievement. --- 1 Nether Portal nearby. Destroy 1 block with my Diamond Pickaxe, and put it back together. Poof.

"The Lie" achievement. --- I have all the ingredients to bake a cake sitting in a nearby box next to a crafting table. Saves you the trouble of growing wheat and sugarcane.

"Dispense With This" achievement. --- I have all the materials to build a dispenser sitting in a nearby box next to a crafting table.

"Bake Bread" achievement. --- I have tons of spare wheat. Easy.

Just friend me and leave a message mentioning Minecraft achieves. I'll be on all day, and then frequently up until the Xbox One comes out.

GamerTag = St33l Ph4nt0m

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