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Originally Posted by hotdogenigma View Post
How far into the story are you? I was able to do the first 2 Beverly missions and then he didn't show up again until all 3 main characters were brought together for a mission.
Im Done with the game story wise im about 85% in the story all i have left is a couple of collectables/jumps/misc and the paparazzo missions but im not gonna waste my time if this is glitched and not gonna show up


IT Finally showed up!!!!! idk why did diecided to finally show up. i started the game up in sp took the vinewood tour/ watched a movie/ took a cab skipped the drive then went online messed around for a while held up a bunch of stores died a couple of times switched to a few sessions then got bounty on myself so i got bored so i just quick switched to franklin and as soon as i loaded up i got a phone call from Raul for the private fare (which was something else i was waiting forever for also) and when i went to my map the beverly missions was there as well talk about feast or famine im just glad i dont have restart

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