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Loved the game. Amazing visual design (game looks fantastic, even though some lvls get repetitive), nice setting, decent playtime and I also enjoyed the gameplay. Combat might not have been too deep, but building your own combos was cool and I never really ran into any real camera problems as well. The jumping mechanic is kinda weird though, missed quite a few ledges bc of it.

The highest difficulty setting also feels perfect. It's not too easy but also not really frustrating. Maybe died a couple times at the first and last boss, but thats about it. The dodge is also really overpowered, you are basically invincible and can use the dodge to jump over enemies nonstop without being hit at all - esp. helpful for the last boss and for those shooting robots. It blows my mind that some people seriously had problems with the dodging in this game.

It's also one of these games that really benefit from Achievements - though they might have lowered the number of collectibles, but at least they give you benefits for collecting them. I got everything except the 5 minute Xmas kill (will just come back on easy) and 400 kills in one go. Actually got the misc. kill Achievements without any problems. So they're quite satisfying and keep you motivated throughout the whole game. They even added a statistic where you can track you achievement progress! No need to play through 20 times, just one enjoyable ride, what more can you ask for? That's how these things are supposed to be.

Easily recommendable, especially at its current price.

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