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Originally Posted by Restricted-Access View Post
Dude... SERIOUSLY?!! Break that shit up into small groups that DO NOT repeat a name within a group! Don't you realize how difficult it is to keep track of who you addressed, with it all jammed together like that?
You might want to heed this from the first post!

Originally Posted by tastefulmrship View Post
NOTE: In practice, it is recommended that you print out this walkthrough & cross off each action as, and when, you complete it. Make sure you SAVE often and in different slots incase you make a drastic mistake; this walkthrough does not cater for every eventuality, or mistake, and, because of this, you may be left in a situation where you have no idea what the hell to do next! Please, don't come crying to me if that happens!
The use of NOTEPAD (or other text-capture medium) is also recommended.

Now, I realise this section is a little confusing, but there's really no other way of doing it. It IS a matter of selecting people to move them around; it is a sliding puzzle after all. If you can find a better way of presenting it, then by all means write your own walkthrough. I can see no reason to re-edit mine.
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