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Time trial - am I screwed?

Hi guys,
I recently digged the game out, and had forgotten all about slowing down in time trials. So of course I did a great run on my first Beach Time Trial. 3.26.51

Of course I later realized what i had done. Now I need to beat it a second faster, and even if I beat this time now, I will need to beat it with another second on the third run. While I believe that i may be possible for some, I simply don't think I am able to.

What I am asking is this:

Have I ruined the possibility of attaining all other races without completing this one? I'm at 90% completion, and I would like to get the True Dedication achievement at some point. Will I be able to get all the achievements, even though I can't get 100%?

edit: Nevermind, went through the list of goal attacks, I have every race! (Man, I'm lucky that the game doesn't have an achievement for 100%!)

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