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Originally Posted by Flibbity Floid View Post
I'm not antagonizing. They've been nerfing these things BECAUSE players are grinding the same high paying things over and over.

"I" am truly grinding to level 100. Level 70 and putting in a decent amount of time. There's a difference between grind and abuse and everyone is looking for the abusive way and expecting no penalties to surface as they have been.

It's not that. My gripe is people are bugging out bc others got caught cheating and everyone is being "penalized". What's the solution to them? Find more ways to abuse. I'm reasonably leveling up and complaining NIL about not getting some super duper reward over and over. I'm playing the game as legit as I can assume. I'm just saying getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar doesn't mean go for the next jar. If anything, it's just showing me that everyone wants the easy way out but want more for what they deserve. Greed is greed.
bro you've got your tongue so far up R*'s ass its hilarious. So your saying if someone pushes the "Replay" button their cheating? You say your "playing the game as legit as I can". Is there a certain amount of time in a give'n day that one should play? I'm I cheating if I grind more than 4hrs a day towards my rank? And you closing shot is the best, as you would never say anything discouraging against you buddies over at R* yet you talk about everyone wants the easy way out and GREED... WTF do call "Shark Card"? Greed my friend, Greed...

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