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Originally Posted by Flibbity Floid View Post
Why b/c I enjoy the product and the franchise that my "tongue is up their ass"? And no that's blowing what I said out of proportion since I made separations about Boosting vs Abusing.

But you're right. I shouldn't even be complaining b/c I don't do the abusive shit. I'm simply enjoying the game despite it's flaws. Everyone bitches about RP boosting yet I hit a couple missions last night that paid out $25K for cracking a safe and stealing a briefcase and $13K for a martin mission so if there's nerfing, it's probably for missions being replayed.
Listen I do completely understand that people want to play the game through in different ways, some people enjoy finding exploits so all I'm saying is I don't want to spend 60 hours playing the same raves and missions for no RP. In my opinion there should be variety like the single player part of the game. I mean when I was playing single player I could not believe how different jobs were and on top of that there were 3 different people to play with that had very different personalities so if the online was like that then people wouldn't be as bothered about exploiting the game as much as they are now.
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