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Originally Posted by rollinbull23 View Post
I don't get it. You see repeating same missions as cheating? That's pretty dumb, isn't it? Let people grind their levels how they want to.
Out of context again. Are people just reading what they want to?

Listen I do completely understand that people want to play the game through in different ways, some people enjoy finding exploits so all I'm saying is I don't want to spend 60 hours playing the same raves and missions for no RP. In my opinion there should be variety like the single player part of the game. I mean when I was playing single player I could not believe how different jobs were and on top of that there were 3 different people to play with that had very different personalities so if the online was like that then people wouldn't be as bothered about exploiting the game as much as they are now.
It's cool. Everyone just wants to assume I'm kissing R*'s ass b/c it's not so much that I don't have a problem with MT's, is I don't feel they're being shoved down my throat. I'm not bothered by the payout/RP nerfing b/c I'm eventually going to get to level whatever anyway in time. Of course I'm not happy about it and the few missions I got to do or races that paid out nicely were enjoyable. I obviously can't deny that. Me and my pal did like a dozen or so races one after another for one lap. We weren't doing the "you win then I do" but just having fun. I'm the bad guy b/c I prefer natural progression while I don't mind boosting. It's the people that are already level 100+ and complaining there's not enough to do anymore, payouts are less, etc. It's my fault these people shot their wad early so-to-speak or are feeling slighted. As noted, last night I noticed VERY little difference in payouts. You could tell people "So and So Mission is going to pay out $5 less..." and they will break out the pitchforks. For $5?
I saw a bunch of complaints for the $200 per wanted star instead of $500 to get rid of any. It's in-game pennies!

But I digress as I said I shouldn't be complaining and it's just an irritation not worth scratching to me. So I do apologize for wasting some peoples time if so.
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