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Originally Posted by Flibbity Floid View Post
I'm the bad guy b/c I prefer natural progression while I don't mind boosting. It's the people that are already level 100+ and complaining there's not enough to do anymore, payouts are less, etc. It's my fault these people shot their wad early so-to-speak or are feeling slighted. As noted, last night I noticed VERY little difference in payouts.
Yes you are the bad guy. You are hating on people that are a higher rank than you. There is no reason to blame people like me because you didn't do the same amount of grinding.

Here is the problem. It is not that there is nothing to do, it is that now many tasks are not worth it to do. I can't help but feel slighted because every patch is nerf this and nerf that and do next to nothing else. There would be no complaints if the game released that way but after getting so much more before it makes the game less appealing.

Oh and this patch doesn't deliver like it is supposed to. One of the patch notes says there is supposed to be a 1.5x multiplier for money if a mission is played on hard and a 1.25x multiplier for normal. Of course the nerfs are coded in correctly but when it comes to actually making something that would benefit the player, the code is non-existent. Said multipliers were conveniently either not added as stated or coded wrong where they do not work.
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