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Didnīt read all of the comments, just came here to say this

R* isnīt being good guys, they are awful dicks to community, still having connection problems in public games from time to time, instead of fixing those important things, they fix what doesnīt need to be fixed, because itīs not broken

If they donīt want people boostin, they should not have put a F*CKING level 100 achievement for it, and they shouldnīt even care about people boosting, itīs their
GAWD DEMN RIGHT(screw you if you donīt think so). Also... the boosting itself takes painfully long too and playing legit for like 10-20 days of playtime to even get to 100.... No thanks, go screw yourself.

Mainly through, R* are also greedy bastards now, yeah a million in-game dollars (or million and half) for freakin 15$ or somethin like that. The in-game stuff itself is extremely expensive already and they charge so much for some stupid microtransactions, but if someone who doesnīt want or canīt pay for those stuff, he/she has to grind (not boost), he just has to play aloooot before he even has the chance to do something really fun that he wants (for example drive Adder or own Tank and stuff) money so much that if he wants a stupid Adder he would have to play for days and days and days like crazy.

And everyone who supports R* in this matter is a dick too.

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