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Today's update SPECIFICALLY states that matchmaking is balanced on win/loss records. This proves what my team has suspected all along, that because we win a lot the bots on the other team are insanely OP, and explains why other players don't ever see these bots and don't get the problem.

Ok, so let me explain something to you guys that you may never find out unless you get some really skilled players together and play for months on end. Look at the League Leaderboard -- for the last 4-5 months my friends and I have tried to keep ([league point score] > [games played] x10) while staying in the top 100 -- this isn't quite a 100% W/L but it's close, and if you're over you're even closer (league bonus points skew this number, and tower games do too). If you win all your games, like 98% or so the bots on the other team become gods. The kids with clan tags in their names have never had this problem. El Cartel MX, my team, some of the Japanese teams, and HSU are the only teams in recent months who managed to do this -- all of these teams have since quit playing or fallen-out because of this shit; myself included to some extent.

The bots... they bully, they chase, they harass, and they set-up on the map. They target clerics first, they heal teammates in the blink of an eye (think mid-Rush-juggle or mid-Smash-juggle), they guard towers and cannon spawns like you wouldn't believe, and they basically carry their team to victory unless every single player on your team has their A-game on. They get insane gear with Smash Lv5 and Tactical Lv5 and resistances that very few players would spend to get. They combo you with moves like rock->dash-attack->smash->dash-attack for a near-instant KO. They go to your back, not here and there, just always, they always are trying to move behind you for extra damage. They can respawn in a matter of seconds, and they WILL tap back down any tower you take and leave if you go out solo to tap down spawn towers. They will push on offense without any human players by taking the first spawn tower and hitting your castle gate with anti-material. They will repair their castle gate. They can do things human players are incapable of, like never missing with mage spells, never missing dash attacks, and laser-accuracy with cannons and ballistas. THEY EVEN DO HAPPY MIRACLES ALL BY THEMSELVES. I have seen bots do meteor storms, happy miracles, songs and all manner of team skills without a single human player involved.

A tiny mistake on offense, like dying or taking too long to construct will be a major blow because the bots will hold down a majority of the towers and allow the 7-8 human players on their team to gang up on offense and make you have to battle it out to a loss for 13 minutes. Meanwhile, your ultra-stupid bot teammates are building the enemy flower cannons, stealing the cannon you just built, hitting your wall, or building ballistas where ballistas are not needed.

When the other team gets these bots, we have to adjust our entire strategy to simply eliminate all bots. No humans matter when these bots are around, even the best players you can think of don't compare. This strategy only works when everyone on your team is playing really well.

You know when you fight the mage bots on Co-op in the third-round and they're crazy good? Or the bots in Special Challenge? Imagine if the other team in Quick Match had bots like that and they hunted you and your teammates down because of your stats, insistent on making your stats worse and making you lose.

Now I ask you, how f*ing stupid is that?

I'll try the update for a few days, but it seems that Toylogic just wants to destroy any competitive community they have in this game.

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