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Well after about 10 tries and a lot of frustration (and 1 particularly angry moment when I got pinned at 48 and had to restart) I finally got this achievement

What I did was, for the first like 5 or so wrestlers I just built up my finishers so that I had 3 in stock...once I did that, around wrestler 16 I had a strategy where I'd start off with a finisher, attack them with punches until I got my signature, used the sig then pinned worked for me...if you try this method out, they will reverse you...but you should be able to get to at least 40 without going past yellow damage...after 45 it's honestly all about luck because the CPU gets CRAZY with reversals, also on 50 I used all the finishers I have stored (I only had 2 because I messed up on 49 and 50 managed to kick out)

One moment I was hype about was I finally made it to wrestler 50 (Andre the Giant) and, by this time, I was just completely beaten head was red, my body was orange and even my arms were yellow...well Andre manages to knock me down and starts to pin me...the bar was so tiny but I somehow managed to kick out right before the 3-count...once I did that I just barraged him with punches, got my signature and managed to pin him after that
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