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Originally Posted by omegamustard View Post
First of all, Great guide, has been working like a charm. Second I would like to add this to the guide so everyone that does not have a turbo controller will not get arm cramps from pressing A a million times. I translated the config menu and found the skip all option. This will allow you to just be able to hold Right Bumper through out the entire game until you have to make a decision which is what Monkey's guide is for and then you can go back to holding Right Bumper.

Go to Config on the main menu. Click the first option. This will be a Brightness option. Press Right Bumper twice to get to the end options category. The very first option on this menu is the skip option. Press Left on the options until it looks like this すべて That is ALL. Now press B to get back to the main menu and start the game. Now just hold Right Bumper the entire time and end the game quick. Hope this helps.
I don't care if this post is three years old, I'm still going to say THANK YOU.

I only wish I had spotted this 4 hours earlier.
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