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I've searched the answer at GameFAQs, but what I found doesn't add up. I tried to search here, but I keep getting errors.

I'm trying to unlock the heist mission Blitz Play.

I have done all the prep work, including the getaway car. After doing so, M and T got a text from F that "they need to hold off the job, because F needs to do something for Lester", or along the lines of.

I did the first mission as F for Lester ('Hotel Assassination'), which is what I am supposed to do to get Blitz Play to unlock, according to what I found over at GameFAQs. But I've not received a prompt for it to start. I tried ringing Steve the (FIB guy), and I just get his voice message thing.

Should it matter that I have T's heist (Merryweather) ready to go? Am I only allowed one heist mission available at a time?

For personal reasons, I'd prefer to do Blitz Play first.

Any idea would be appreciated.
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