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Originally Posted by DarkxMaterials View Post
Here is what I did to my Adder to get my platinum medal and achievement...

Armor --> Armor Upgrade 100%
Brakes --> Race Brakes
Engine --> EMS Upgrade, Level 4
Explosives --> NONE!
Horn --> Cop Horn
Lights --> Xenon Lights
Loss/Theft Protection --> Tracker (came with the car when I bought it)
Loss/Theft Protection --> Full Coverage (came with the car when I bought it)
Plate --> Yellow on Black
Respray --> Primary Color --> Metallic --> Lime Green
Respray --> Secondary Color --> Metallic --> Hot Pink
Respray --> Crew Emblem --> Crew Emblem
Suspension --> Competition Suspension
Transmission --> Race Transmission
Turbo --> Turbo Tuning
Wheels --> Wheel Type --> High End --> Cheetah RR
Wheels --> Wheel Color --> Lime Green
Wheels --> Wheel Accessories --> Custom Tires
Wheels --> Wheel Accessories --> Bulletproof Tires
Wheels --> Wheel Accessories --> Blue Tire Smoke
Windows --> Limo
Worked like a charm, thanks. I didn't even need the Crew Emblem.

Thanks to
Matt x360a
for the awesome sig!
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