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Arachnophobe - 20
Defeat Vorus God Mech.

Story related and cannot be missed.

The Vorus God Mech is the final boss of the game and he is pretty easy too. This boss is on the final level; 'Extraction.'

IMPORTANT: It it highly recommended to use the two health perks that you probably just unlocked and the energy damage perk for this battle.

There are again three stages. The first one is pretty simple. When the level starts, you will kill a few enemies and then blow up a control panel. The boss will come out and then hang out in one place. Head back a ways and get behind one of the pillars that has the holes in it that you can see through. Stay far away from the boss and aim for anywhere on his body (but the eyes are probably best) through the pillar holes. Stay back a ways from the pillar as well to avoid splash damage from his missiles. Eventually he will send out some of those exploding crab things, so focus on them. Keep shooting at the boss and eventually he will leave, forcing you to go forward.


The second stage is also pretty straightforward. You will kill some more enemies and progress around the area until you reach another open section with some walls in the middle. The boss will move to one end and sit here, again spewing out the same attacks. Keep shooting his body and use the walls for cover. Reinforcements will come out and try to take you out when you're focused on the boss. Mid-way through this section, the boss will switch sides and so should you. Repeat the process and more reinforcements will show up. Keep firing and taking cover and the boss will leave again.


Keep moving through the area and you will have to kill some smaller enemies with a couple Elite guys. Kill them and keep going. The third stage is very similar to the first. When you enter the next area, there will be a pillar like the one in the first stage to your left. Use this for cover and keep shooting him. Watch out though because enemies will come up the ramp to the right and try to ambush you. Keep shooting him and eventually he may die on his own. Every time I've fought him, his health wasn't all the way down and he fell off the wall and the objective advanced.

Achievement unlocked for killing him, and so should 'When Titans Fall.' Run through the rest of the ship and reach the end to complete the game. When you have to reach your ship, you can ignore all the enemies and run down each ramp to get to the final cutscene.

When Titans Fall - 20
Defeat all Bosses.

Story related and cannot be missed. This achievement will unlock at the same time as 'Arachnophobe.'

Tenacious - 20
Complete single player campaign on any difficulty level.

Simply complete the campaign on any difficulty. There are a total of 14 levels. Complete each one from start to finish to unlock this achievement. Below is a list of each level:
  1. Infiltration
  2. Sabotage (Boss: Vorus Centurion)
  3. Intimidation
  4. Destruction (Boss: Security Turrets)
  5. Escape
  6. Revelation (Boss: Vorus Gladiator)
  7. Detour (Boss: Mk XII Heavy Mech)
  8. Breakout (Boss: AA-19 Combat Mech)
  9. Marathon (Boss: GX-7 Destroyer Prototype)
  10. Ascent
  11. Gateway (Boss: Vorus Primus)
  12. Assault
  13. Meltdown (Boss: DF9 Sentry Mech)
  14. Extraction (Boss: Vorus God Mech)

Hardcore - 20
Complete single player campaign on Brutal difficulty.

Brutal difficulty is the hardest of the three available difficulty settings. This mode is the first-person equivalent of playing a GoW game on Insane. Enemies in this game are pretty aggressive and will often seek you out. I would not recommend starting out on this setting unless you (to quote upindat) "enjoy stress in your life." There is a level select and the game tracks each level on each difficulty setting. However, it's not that insane. There is a great way to breeze through most of the game.

Here's what you're going to want to do:
  1. Before attempting Brutal you are going to want to run through the game on another setting first. I would suggest that you complete it on Challenging. This will unlock most of the player perks for you and you will have a good grasp of the gameplay.
  2. Next, you can either begin your Brutal play-through now, or wait until you have unlocked the final set of player perks by farming some player score. If you begin Brutal right away, the final set of perks will unlock around the third level. All of your perks and unlocks will carry over across all difficulties.
  3. Once you have the final set of player perks, you are going to want to be using 'Mega Pistol' (Overcharges the player's holdout pistol), 'Health Bonus' (Player's maximum health is increased by 50%), and 'Recovery' (Player recovers from near death 50% faster). These perks should be used on almost every single level.
  4. With these perks, the pistol and your shooting skills will be the only things you will need. Your pistol will have unlimited ammo (by default), twice the clip size, fire lightning rounds, and it will do an insane amount of damage (enough to drop some bosses extremely quickly by spamming aim assist). It also glows BLUE!
  5. Make sure that aim assistance is enabled in your options. The aim assist in this game will aid you tremendously as you will be able to spam and together to snap to the enemies. Since your pistol has unlimited ammo, accuracy is not a concern.
  6. Some of the bosses may still be somewhat of a pain, but once you understand their routines and what they do, they will be simple enough to take down. Refer to each boss' achievement for detailed strategies.
  7. The 'Mega Pistol' perk will not help you during sections with the Mech and sections where you are forced into using the mounted Minigun. In these situations, 'Mega Pistol' should be temporarily switched out for 'Heavy Weapon Recovery' OR 'Energy Reflector.'
  8. As a final note, don't be discouraged if you keep dying. It will happen a lot. Remember for completing Brutal, you're just looking to complete it. You're not going for best time and score (unless you actually are). This means you should take your time, stay back, use cover, and wait enemies out. Most of them will come to you fairly quickly or at least be out in the open for you to shoot them. Just try your best and it should be easy enough to manage.
Credit goes to upindat for these tips.

There are a couple specific sections of the game that could cause you problems. They are listed below.

Mounted Minigun Tram Ride
This part can get annoying. I would suggest using 'Energy Reflector' during the sections with foot soldiers and drones and 'Heavy Weapon Recovery' during the tank section. For the drone section, you are going to have to have pretty good aim and get lucky that they don't get that last shot off that kills you.

Fight with the Mech while on foot
This part can be hard if you try to fight it head on. Camp back behind the boxes and wait for the Mech to come out of the elevator. He might get stuck behind a box near the elevator, allowing you to quickly kill him using 'Mega Pistol.' If he actually moves towards you, try to get him stuck behind the big box that you should be hiding behind and then shoot his head over it.

The Bridge in 'Meltdown'
This is the hardest part of the entire game IMO. You must smash four panels and kill several waves of enemies with almost no cover on the last two, along with no checkpoint. Using 'Mega Pistol,' the first two panels and the respective enemies should be easy enough to manage. However, the final two where you are out in the open and enemies spawn randomly in the area across the walkway are almost impossible unless you're lucky. Luckily there is a cheap way to beat this part. Smash the panel(s) and then immediately turn around and slide ( + ) back to the bridge entrance. It seems as if you can evade a lot of fire by sliding. Take them out all from here and you should be fine. Good luck trying to kill them from the panel! I died about six times trying to fight them in place but I did them both first try by sliding back to the entrance.

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