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Point & Shoot - 20
Find a new weapon.

The first new weapon you can find is the Vorus Ion Rifle from the very first enemy you encounter in the very first level; 'Infiltration.' Walk over it to unlock the achievement. Refer to 'Hoarder' for the full list of all weapons.

Hoarder - 20
Find all weapons.

There are a total of 12 weapons that can be found and used throughout the game. Many of them you will find from dead enemies and just lying about the level. You will need to reach a checkpoint after finding a weapon for it to properly save (credit to upindat). Below is a list of all weapons in order of when they are found and and the first location that they can be found:
  1. O8A-110 Service "Mega" Pistol - Starting weapon on each level.
  2. A80-R Assault Rifle - Starting weapon on each level.
  3. Vorus Ion Rifle - Found from the very first enemy you kill in the game; very common weapon carried by Warriors (the main Vorus enemy).
  4. Blaster - Found around the area with the cloaked enemies in the first level; carried by Grunts (the cloaked enemies.)
  5. EL05-2C Minigun - Found after being informed of a Minigun emplacement during the level '(?);' carried by Heavies later in the game.
  6. Shotgun - Found in the first area where you must blast through a wall in the level 'Intimidation;' not used by enemies but can be found in several places.
  7. M517/69 Submachine Gun - Found on the floor beside the ramp after going through the force-field doors in '(?);' not used by enemies but can be found in several places.
  8. Sniper Rifle - Found leaning against a box on the walkways while moving towards the drill in '(?);' used by Vorus Snipers in a few places during the game.
  9. Rocket Launcher - Found while going up the narrow stairs after running for your life in '(?);' not used by enemies but can be found in many different places throughout the latter half of the game. Completely useless weapon by the way; it really sucks for a rocket launcher.
  10. Alien Mech Suit Minigun - Story related.
  11. Alien Mech Suit Beam Cannon - Story related.
  12. Vorus Plasma Arc - Found from the Elite enemies after defeating Vorus Primus; always carried by Elites.

Armed & Completionist - 20
Use all weapons.

Using the list in 'Hoarder,' make sure you fire each weapon at least once that you find or pick up. Either fire mode will count. As soon as you fire the final weapon in the list, the achievement will unlock. You will need to reach a checkpoint after using a weapon for it to properly save (credit to upindat).

Can’t Homidecide - 20
Kill an enemy with every weapon.

Using the list in 'Hoarder,' make sure you use each weapon that you find or pick up to kill at least one enemy of any kind. Either fire mode will count, however you do NOT have to get a kill with the alternative fire mode of each weapon as well. You will need to reach a checkpoint after getting a kill for it to properly save (credit to upindat).

Juiced - 20
Unlock first Perk.

The first set of player perks you unlock includes Stun Resistance, Extended Magazines, and Extended Ammunition and it unlocks at 4,000,000 player score. Refer to 'Utility Belt' for more information.

Utility Belt - 20
Unlock all player perks.

There are a total of 12 player perks split across four sets and they are unlocked by obtaining player score. Player perks modify the way the game works. They are very similar to mutators in Unreal Tournament or Gears of War. You have three slots to place any one perk, meaning you can have up to three perks equipped at any one time.

You can boost them by replaying levels. It will take a total of 40,000,000 player score to unlock all player perks, meaning you will unlock 'Apex Predator' halfway into unlocking the third perk set. You can see your percentage to unlocking the next set of perks and equip those you have unlocked in the 'Player Perks' menu. They are listed below along with their player score requirements:

Perk Set 1 [unlocks at 4,000,000 points]
Stun Resistance (Stun duration is reduced by 50%.)
Extended Magazines (The clips in all weapons carry 50% more ammunition.)
Extended Ammunition (Maximum amount of ammunition per weapon is increased by 50%.)

Perk Set 2 [unlocks at 20,000,000 points]
Projectile Damage Bonus (Projectile weapon damage is increased by 10%.)
Energy Damage Bonus (Energy weapon damage is increased by 10%.)
Increased Fire Rate (Fire rate of all weapons is increased by 10%.)

Perk Set 3 [unlocks at 30,000,000 points]
Health Bonus (Player's maximum health is increased by 50%.)
Recovery (Player recovers from near death 50% faster.)
Body Armor (Reduces explosion damage to player by 50%.)

Perk Set 4 [unlocks at 40,000,000 points]
Energy Reflector (Player takes 50% less damage from energy based weaponry.)
Heavy Weapon Recovery (Minigun and Mech cooldown reduced by 50%.)
Mega Pistol (Overcharges the player's holdout pistol.)

Relentless - 20
1500 Total Kills.

You will unlock this achievement through natural progression and playtime. Completing the game once will net you a little over 1200 kills. You will unlock this as you are going through Brutal difficulty.

Apex Predator - 20
Reach a player score of 25,000,000.

By the time you unlock your third set of perks, you will have unlocked this one.

If you want to farm player score to advance the time it takes to unlock perks or to unlock the final set after completing the game once, I would suggest replaying the level 'Meltdown' on Challenging while collecting the audio recordings and score bonuses (green pyramids) on this level. To collect the score bonuses you must walk over them. For this level, there are lots of small enemies so try to aim for headshots, multikills, explosion kills, and melee kills. This level can net you around 5,350,000 player score if you get a ton of headshots for just one run!

After completing the game, it should only take two or three times of doing this level while going for headshots to unlock the final perk set. To make headshots extremely easy to get, make sure to use the perk 'Energy Damage Bonus' while using strictly the Vorus Ion Rifle.

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