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I'm sure this has been talked about to death, but I'm having issues with the Epsilon questline.

I've done the entire thing except for the last mission where you bring $50k to the headquarters. They told me at the end of the last mission that this is what I'd do next, but I've never had a marker on my map. I've held off progressing the main story because I don't want to miss the Kifflom achievement, but I've done all the other missions available, slept as Michael numetous times, etc etc. It's probably been a month since I played story mode because it's been so damn aggravating.

Anyway, I decided I'm going to go ahead and continue the main storyline and try to make the right choice with Franklin so I don't miss it. Hopefully that stupid mission will show up on my map. But the whole ordeal has kind of made me hate this game.
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