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I just want to add this strategy for fighting Atlas, the final boss. He is so easy beyond belief. You can kill him in only 90 seconds without him even touching you. Doesn't require any plasmids or that you have a lot of upgrades, so if you're doing a speed run through the game this will surely help. Just make sure the required weapons are powered up from power to the people machines. Only use the chemical thrower with electric gel for the first two rounds, then switch to your heat-seeking rpg grenades and electric buck shotgun for the third round. As soon as he comes down at the beginning of the fight, unload on his ass with the electric gel never letting go of the button until his health is gone. He can't move. Repeat for second round (assuming you have full ammo at the beginning). Then for third round just fire all your heat seekers real quick and if you run out, finish up with some quick electric buck shotgun. Beat him so fast it was laughable. The only damage I took was from the security bots shooting at me while I stood there electric gelling his ass. You can basically stand in one spot and barely have to move the entire fight except for third round. I did this on hard for the brass balls achievement!


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