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Who Dat!? 10
You made a new friend.

In every world there is a hidden character.
These hidden characters are found in secret levels.
These secret levels are apparent on the map by having a yellow dotted line leading to them and an empty yellow circle around them.
Play the level that the yellow dotted line connects to and follow the blue path to find the alternate exit that leads to the secret level.

Simply play and finish the secret level as you would any other to obtain the respective characters.

Better Than Perfect 5
Got 5 Perfect+s, one in each World.

Simply get a Perfect+ in at least one level in all 5 worlds.

Double Perfectionist 10
Double Double Perfected once in each World.

Refer to the "Triple Perfectionist" achievement

Triple Perfectionist 20
Triple Triple Perfected once in each World.

The game has 5 worlds. You will need to score a Perfect on 3 levels from each world on all 3 difficulties.

Multiple Personalities 10
Beat 30 levels as alternate characters. Way to go!

Using CommanderVideo or CommanderGirlVideo will NOT count for this achievement.

The first alternate character is Unkle Dill.
Play Winding Wild Windworks in World 1 and follow the blue path to the level's alternate exit.
Play and finish Every Cloud to unlock Unkle Dill.

Press while on the level map to select Unkle Dill from the available characters and keep on playing!

Dancing Fool 5
You got the fever and danced 100 times.

You'll obtain the Dance ability in the first stage of World 2, The Emerald Brine. Just press when the area in front of you is clear to dance.

Bullseye! 5
Perfect+?! That's unpossible!

Collect all the available Gold in a level and all 4 Mode Ups (Red Pluses "+"), then cross the finish line to obtain a Perfect.

Doing this also gives you the opportunity to shoot yourself out of a cannon at a target. Landing in the Bullseye will give you a Perfect+ result.
Get used to it, you'll need to do this 300 times!

Marathoner 5
You warned the Athenians of the oncoming Persian army!

You'll get this naturally, roughly about 2 to 3 hours into the game.


Better late than never amirite?
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