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Originally Posted by mrssmith626 View Post
I'm sure this has been talked about to death, but I'm having issues with the Epsilon questline.

I've done the entire thing except for the last mission where you bring $50k to the headquarters. They told me at the end of the last mission that this is what I'd do next, but I've never had a marker on my map. I've held off progressing the main story because I don't want to miss the Kifflom achievement, but I've done all the other missions available, slept as Michael numetous times, etc etc. It's probably been a month since I played story mode because it's been so damn aggravating..
i had the same problem but with the robes....i actually bought them twice just in case...i slept for like 4-5 days and it took about a week of in game sleeping for the robes to get delivered...i would try and keep saving til a couple of days pass or a week at least..hope that helps
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