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Achievement Guide

One Man Army 40
Destroy 300 enemies.

This will come naturally through story progression around level 13.

Rock'n'Rolla 20
Complete World 1.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Magic Mayhem 40
Use earthquake magic for the first time.

Earthquake magic will be introduced to you in level 17 and requires 3 full bars of magic. If you can't manage to fill 3 bars don't worry, you'll be using it against the last boss, so you'll unlock it then.

Reunited 20
Do a Ninja Attack that uses all 5 mini ninjas.

On level 19 you'll have all 5 ninjas. When prompted with a Ninja Attack use it and you'll unlock this achievement.

Rebounder 40
Deflect 50 projectiles.

After level 9 you'll gain the ability to deflect enemy projectiles. Projectiles being, arrows, boulders and little balls of magic. You should easily be able to get this in level 10, as this level tests your defending/deflecting skills. If you don't get it in level 10, don't worry, there are plenty of chances throughout the game to deflect projectiles, so this'll be another one that comes naturally.

This Is Sparta 40
Kick 100 enemies.

You'll probably be kicking around 10-20 enemies a level, so you'll get this through story progression.

Ninja Master 60
Fully upgrade all skills.

There are 5 skills each with 10 upgrade slots
  1. Health
  2. Magic
  3. Deflect
  4. Critical Damage
  5. Ninja Attack
There are 17 levels that'll give you 2 upgrade points upon completion, giving you a total of 34 upgrade points. You'll need 50 upgrade points to fully upgrade all 5 skills. An easy way to gain upgrade points is to replay level 21 (World 3 Boss). This will give you 2 upgrade points each time. After beating the level the credits will come up. Just back out to the main menu and load up the story so you'll be able to upgrade your skills. You'll have to replay this level 8 times in order to have all the upgrade points required.

Specialist 20
Fully upgrade a skill.

See "Ninja Master"

All's Well That Ends Well 60
Complete World 3.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Furious Fowls 20
Complete World 2.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Score! 20
Get a x10 score multiplier.

For this you'll need to get a hit combo of 50. On level 14, there is a wave with 5 large warriors in the foreground and 2 or 3 enemies in the back. You should easily be able to get a hit combo of 50.

You Are Ready 20
Finish all tutorial levels.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

There are 4 tutorial levels which cannot be skipped.

Level 1 - Basic Combat
Level 4 - Bow & Arrow
Level 6 - Shuriken Attack
Level 9 - Defend & Deflect

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