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Originally Posted by littlejay View Post
you mind providing a link? I tried searching for it and don't see any wiki guide.

edit: I found this. It provides a lot of info that's not posted anywhere. Like breakdown levels are replayable after unlocked which is nice for just about every achievement added

also, if challenges reset, do characters stay unlocked?
Ya they do. You keep them for as long as you want/can. Once they are gone they are gone unless you start a new game. But I don't think they come back in a new game other than the 1 you pick for a starter. The only really good one so far is the dead man. His wits and fighting come maxed. Most of them come with pre set skills usually involving guns so you can't train them with blunt or heavy (he is my ticket to NINJA since I gave him ninja). Wits seems to level really slow even with the library. Or maybe since you max stamina drops so fast you can't get it up.

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