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Argh! I've been trying really hard to get the diamond in today's Daily Extreme (Infinite Tower), but there's a trick I'm missing.

I can't seem to shave anything more off my time, but the people ahead of me are using a weird technique I can't seem to figure out - it's like getting the power of a downward smash onto a jump pad, but without the downward smash, and almost looks like a bellyflop. I first noticed it quite near the beginning (just after the first wall running section, you have a couple of vines to jump off. The very next jump pad, I've seen someone somehow going rocketing through it).

Same thing again on one of the pads before you break through the wooden wall - they managed to pull off something that allowed them to completely skip this bit.

And finally, right near the end of the jet stream, the same technique is used to get massive distance off the last jump pad, skipping them onto the next vine.

I have no idea how to do this, although I've been studying it for ages. Does anyone else know how to tackle it?

The really annoying part of all this is I somehow pulled off something similar on one of my earlier runs. I can now be almost half a second ahead of that run, but as soon as I get to the last section I described, my ghost overtakes me.

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