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Just finished it. Had really high hopes for the game especially for the story wich seemed really good and interesting from the trailers. Unfortunely there were too many small issues. Firstly the camera is awful.

The checkpoint system is horrible. Imissed several collectibles just cause i died and couldnt get back to the collectible. You would Think if you got to a save Point and die the collectible u picked up right Before that still would cound but NO. It doesnt Count and from the save Point you cant go back to the collectible.
EDIT It turns out i missed a earlier collectible and not the one i thought so yeah its not THAT bad then.
Also Another thing i hate is that you cant skip cutscenes. Espescially when replaying chapters. I dont mind watching the cutscenes the first time i play the game i would have watched them even if i could skip them but i dont want to see them again.

But there were some good ideas like the combos story and remixes wich were really cool. Could have ben fantastic but instead it was just ok.

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