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Getting SOOOOOOOOOOOO pissed off! Not only can I not win a race, I keep on getting DNF. Just did a two-person race and same result...

I'm now 0/million.1

Not only that but I keep getting wasted every time I try to do something and haven't had a kill yet. I suck so badly and totally hate this.

And now someone killed me as I was robbing a store and my car is impounded. This just goes from worse to worse.

And NOW someone killed me as I was typing this!!!! Fuck this whole thing. I quit.

Got my car back and was killed by another player before I even got out of the lot. Can't I do ANYTHING right? I'm going to cry. I hate competition and this is too much.

So I just went in for a haircut and some asshole came along, shot out all my tires, and set my car on fire. Probably won't even work now. Is it always this brutal?

NOTE: All of this was written/happened in the last 16 minutes.

Nope, car won't start. I wish it had blown up so that asshole would have sent to the bad player list. He was a level 56 and I'm a whopping 4. I don't have the cash to fix the car. Insurance company doesn't even pick up the phone, I'm guessing because my car is still technically on the road?

(I don't mean to whine so badly, but this is a horrible experience and competition gives me panic attacks. I'm not getting them right now because this is just a silly video game - no need to get THAT worked up. It's just that I hardly see how this qualifies as fun.)

Oh joy!! Now someone just hit my car, the cops stopped, and killed ME!! And just as I respawned, someone else killed me instantly. Car's impounded again. And I just got killed again while typing that last sentence.

And now TWO assholes tried mowing me down with their cars, and of course succeeded. Just happened again. It's only been 30 minutes since I started typing this post. All this shit has happened in 30 minutes.

Same asshole just killed me again. He's a really high level. He's a level 40. I'm the lowest level in the playing field. Two guys are after me and only me... they're harassing me wherever I go and I've lost count of the number of times I've been killed by them (one is a 40, the other is 36, and I'm just a stinkin' 4). I hope the nastiest shit happens to them very soon.

Now down to $0 on my person because of them (before they started killing me I had $1200). And I swear my bank account just went down by $1000. Is that even possible? I thought bank account money was 100% safe. Now I only have $10k in this game. Like those high-level assholes needed my money? I'm also out of ammo and no money to buy any.
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