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@ Ten Foot Bunny:
I think you still lose money when you get killed. Just like the hospital bill in Story Mode. Just do it as Bloodring suggested, or from Story Mode Pause>Online>Play Online>Solo Session
That way you can at least do some of the grinding without interruption.

That said i got more complaints to add to my earlier post:
I'd actually say that the entire online mode is a big fail. It is fun at times, but it is
a.) unfair - why should level 4 people have to play deathmatches with level 100+? Wouldn't matter if they had all the weapons, but that way its just super unfair...
b.) mostly a lot of grinding, which gets boring with time
c.) stupidly bugged. I just played a tdm that went for 60 mins(!!!) and everybody quit, except me and one guy from the other team. I dominated him. End result: 48-42 for my team. He got 22 kills, I got 34. And: It told me in the end that I lost -.- I was the power player for almost the whole time. It said my name, showed the other guy and said his gang name. He got the RP and money. Seriousely?! What the fuck!? After 60 mins!!!
d.) The new dm and race creator fucked it up even more. Join a deathmatch and it will have loads of tanks in it. Just sucks big time. And yet I have still so much grinding to do

I think once i hit rank 100 I will never play this piece of garbage again.
Story mode however was really awesome!
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