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Originally Posted by Bloodring View Post
It seems that you've been getting paired with the nastiest of seasoned racers. And that you chose solo session. I said to do Invite Only because I believe you can still start jobs and such from there. I would recommend getting a crew or some friends, like Justin said, or doing jobs only. At least on jobs people don't hunt you down 24/7
Oh-ho-ho! I totally missed the "invite only" bit (blame my ADHD and the fact that I somehow misplaced my adderall two weeks ago).

Going to try the invite thing in a while because I've got other stuff to do at the moment. Thanks again for the awesome suggestions!

One more thing, and a good note for once. I went into competitive mode shortly and wound up in one of those team deathmatches. Stupid game teamed up 4 people who were level 35+ against our team which only had 3 people who were were, at max, level 5. The game showed something about the 35+ team being police trained (not sure what that means) and our team was unskilled.

Well, my two teammates died without making a kill. After they died, I took out all 4 of the other team and won that match!! All I had for weapons was my dinky little starter pistol. I haven't been able to afford anything else yet.

See? I don't suck at this game THAT badly! I'm just having absolutely rotten luck against high levels, who seem intent on mowing down us n00bs.
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