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Originally Posted by Ten Foot Bunny View Post
Wait a sec...

So ALL you can do in solo mode are races?! I hate those more than anything. Just did one and I was in 4th of 5th place, then the 5th place person smashed my boat so badly that I got yet ANOTHER DNF. I have yet to finish a race against anyone.

Is this because I'm level 4 and all of them were were over level 50? Because I'm getting burned in every race. We all supposedly had the same vehicle but right from the beginning they just killed me in the straightaways.
I don't know, sorry. I thought you can do missions as well? But you can do some grinding for platinum medals. Like the parachuting ones or driving a car for 30 mins without damage. Or start a GTA race at "Downtown Underground" and turn off wanted levels and blow up 500 cars, or do the 300 foot jumps.
That should net you 1500RP for every one (100RP Bronze Medal, 200RP Silver Medal, 400RP Gold Medal, 800RP Platinum medal)
At a lower level like yours thats not too bad. Plus you need 30 platinum medals anyways for an achievement

As for the races: I never had any real problems with that. You will often find douchebags that try to push you of the road, but most of the time they end up off the track themselves. But if you do not like racing then I guess they are no fun. Btw, if you get stuck on something just press and hold . It will put you back to the last checkpoint.
Races are generally more fair though. As long as custom cars are not allowed everyone has the same chances, no matter what level you are. Maybe it will take a while to remember the tracks, but once you do it should be easy to win a race every now and then.

DMs are unfair however. There are people who reached a higher rank by now, but they still play like complete n00bs. If you are level 4 and face 4 (or even 1) capable player(s) level 35+, you'd never have a chance, unless you manage to surprise them from the back. So I'd say you were maybe lucky and faced some n00bs, or you just rawk really bad
Usually they can clip you easily and your pistol won't be much harm to them.

I can only give you a small heads up, by telling you that this game gets a lot easier with time...
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