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I have these armour sets:

1 Mining Helmet, Mining Shirt, and Mining Pants.
2 Copper Helmet, Copper Chainmail, and Copper Greaves.
3 Iron Helmet, Iron Chainmail, and Iron Greaves
4 Silver Helmet, Silver Chainmail, and Silver Greaves.
5 Gold Helmet, Gold Chainmail, and Gold Greaves.
6 Meteor Helmet, Meteor Suit, and Meteor Leggings.
7 Jungle Hat, Jungle Shirt, and Jungle Pants.
8 Necro Helmet, Necro Breastplate, and Necro Greaves.
9 Shadow Helmet, Shadow Scalemail, and Shadow Greaves.
10 Molten Helmet, Molten Breastplate, and Molten Greaves.
11 Cobalt Helmet, Cobalt Mask, Cobalt Hat, Cobalt Breastplate, and Cobalt Leggings.
12 Mythril Helmet, Mythril Hood, Mythril Hat, Mythril Chainmail, and Mythril Greaves.
13 Adamantite Helmet, Adamantite Mask, Adamantite Headgear, Adamantite Breastplate, and Adamantite Leggings.
14 Hallowed Helmet, Hallowed Mask, Hallowed Headgear, Hallowed Plate Mail, and Hallowed Greaves.
15 Dragon Mask, Dragon Breastplate, and Dragon Greaves.
16 Spectral Headgear, Spectral Armor, and Spectral Subligar.
17 Titan Helmet, Titan Mail, and Titan Leggings.

Achievement not unlocking what am I missing? Yes I have equipped them on 2 separate characters.

I can trade these and pets.

Message me on XBL "tH_Waterboy" or reply here i'll check back
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Dammit I've been spending too much time in real life again..

71% Completion... Working on 75%
53retail games + DLC 100%
65 games 1000+(Need 100% DLC)
12 arcade games 100%

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