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Originally Posted by Ten Foot Bunny View Post
Just sent a message and thank you SO much for the offer!

I think I need to join a crew. Finally decided to go back to the multiplayer setting online (instead of a solo invite-only session) and I lost half of my money within two minutes. Basically, I spawned, someone shot me before I could take two steps, I respawned, they ran me over, I respawned, they ran me over again, I respawned, they shot me, I respawned, they ran me over AGAIN. That last time I didn't die right away, so they kept me pinned under their car while they reversed and drove forward repeatedly over my body.

Mind you - the whole time this was going on I was TRYING to send myself to another session.

This is seriously unreal. My death/kill ratio is now at .30 because I don't even have enough money to buy bullets so I can fight back. I do NOT suck this badly at games!! I just keep having rotten luck, like today spawning pretty much right on top of a bloodthirsty asshole. In the two minutes I was in that session, I didn't even get 10 steps from my original spawn point.
WTF!?! How can you be so unlucky? ^^
You can join my crew, if you want. It's not big, just me and another friend who hasn't been online for like a month xD But I got holidays already and I am on most of the time, and try to get to lvl 100. I can help you on your feet until then. (because once I'm Rank 100 I'll prolly not play this anymore. I got more than enough other games on my list :P I'm rank 91 already now, though)

Here is my offer:
Join my crew and I'll try to protect you as good as I can, while you find yourself a good car that you want. Give the car to me and let me upgrade it to the max. When I drive out of LS costums you get in the car and get the tracker/insurance for it. So then you have a fully upgraded car which should help you with winning races.
I can also play "Coveted" with you a few times. It gives 12k$ and about 1.9k RP in 5 minutes. Hopefully we can get you to a level where you can buy a good gun, so this sad story ends^^
I know what a pain in the ass GTA online can be, and with your bad luck it must be even worse. There is still a lot of online time waiting for you, if you want all the achievements, so I guess a bit of help at the start would be nice. Maybe that way the unfair side of this game can be compensated a bit
PM me on my GT if you want: Antr0p0phagus (that's zeros)
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