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Originally Posted by shinobigarth View Post
this mission is seriously stupid for getting the 100% on. you have to do all 5 and cant kill anyone. i just did that by using fists, smoke bombs and the sleep darts which last time i checked, ARE ALL NON LETHAL!!!! yet after doing all 5 i didnt get credit for it. if some stupid guard got shot by one of his buddies, thats his fault not mine (i didnt use human shield at all) and its not fair to penalize the player. the objective says "do not kill anyone while doing the investigations". i wasnt aware i had to also play babysitter to these idiots and make sure their friends dont kill them too.

can anyone give any tips because this is seriously the stupidest mission in the whole DLC.
The thing is, you can complete all 5 investigation without even attacking with your sleep darts etc.
If you fail a investigation or get caught and hunted just reload the checkpoint. The investigations you already have completed will still be completed even after you reload last checkpoint.

You have to finish the mission before the objective counts as complete!

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