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Hey guys, I published 2 more races if you want some new stuff to check out.

"Precision Decisions"
Description: Challenging tech course with drift spots, jumps, and some tight corridors. Make sure to LEAN BACK on the big jump over water if using Motorbikes.

-Point to point where maneuverability and handling are key, so Motorbikes and cars with good grip or drift ability are good choices here.

Description: Long stretch of road that passes by Franklin's, Michael's, and Trevor's safehouses.

-A long distance point to point race from safehouse to safehouse, fun with supercars and traffic left on for some unpredictability.

Here's links to my other 2 races also:

"The Inhuman Race"

"Bouncy Bouncy"

Thanks again, any feedback is welcomed. Hope you enjoy.

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