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My races so far....

So I've got a playlist I call the SA Offroad Championship & it's these races in this order.

Rubicon: Extremely tough rock & hill climbing, bring power & control!

Log: Short, tough track. Bring clearance!

Tweakers and Believers: Fast, technical track with some sillyness. Most vehicles are great!

Back Door Action: Bring your biggest vehicle because the mud is deep & the going is dangerous.

Hillclimb anyone?: Not your typical Mt Chilliad climb, tough & technical with an interesting finish.

Those are a nice boost in RP/Money & tons of fun in a playlist. Hit me up(GT Legit Spam) to race for the crown.

Next are some great races that don't fit the playlist but we enjoy them.

Here is a Monster truck race I made, once they give me more storage this will get much better Enjoi

SA Monster Madness

Feel free to contact me on live for notes or to race....
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