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95% in Area 5 is the mind... KILLER.

I'm hot on the trail of this feat (just got to 94.8% on my fifth try), but MAN, can we talk about this?

I downloaded the #1 Score Attack run, but that was only half-enlightening. I could see the exact number of hit points on most of the enemies, but the guy was running the opposite if the strategy I'm interested in. I want to kill everything as fast as possible, and keep the screen as clear as possible, but this guy didn't want to kill anything that could fire a missile until it had fired that missile, so he could shoot that missile for the points, and he would rarely fire a shot without a full 8x target lock built up. ...And the final, final boss fight was totally ridiculous. Homeboy dragged that out forever, letting every missile fire at him so he could shoot it down.

I guess my questions as a completionist runner are about specific enemies, and overdrive:

What's the fastest way to kill those two fan shapes that open and close in front of you? The second one (the one right before the multi-boss run) appears to be stronger than the first.

How about the giant cylinder that spawns hundreds of guys? Do you have to shoot every single one of them down? Can you stop them from spawning in the first place?

Where to use overdrive? I often find myself in situations where I think "Crap, look at all these enemies," and I hit it, but then I look at them, and they're all pretty slow-moving, and it turns out I was going to get a long time to take care of them.

The bosses: there's no good or bad way to fight them as long as you get the job done, right?

I think I'm overthinking it. I just have to practice, and shoot every target as soon as it appears.
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