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i'm looking for pets...i can't seem to recall which ones i have but i believe i only have two(one being slime and the other being one of the ones that everyone else has).

i can trade for just about anything else you need, may just need some time to gather it. i can also lend my services to aid in boss killing if need be. only thing i don't have is all the armor, still farming ocram(which also means i'm still farming all the souls lol).

i don't want to keep them, just need them for the achievement. i don't even use them.

EDIT: got the pets from someone already. i am looking for a hallowed/corrupted world, and a set of miners armor wouldn't be so bad. i can help you beat any of the bosses if you need help, dupe the pet items(or any armor i have that you need...i have a full set of all but the two highest tiers). also have tons of weapons and items to pick from.

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