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Originally Posted by STILLBORN View Post
Does anyone else think at the end cutscene, Clementine is back at Hershel's farm and is watching the fight between Rick and Shane?
That's interesting.

Originally Posted by herbortamus View Post
This is the main problem I have with the story. Leading up to the reveal, I was very intrigued to find out who the person on the other end of the walkie talkie was. It was a disappointment to find out it was the guy who's car my friends had stolen from.

First of all, I didn't take any of the supplies.

Second, how was this guy doing so well? He made his way to Savannah just as fast (if not faster) than my group and we took a damn TRAIN. It seams as though he made it there first because he is already well acquainted with the purpose of the bells and knows how to quickly move about the city.

Third, how did he get a walkie talkie with which to communicate with Clem? This may just be my ignorance about walkie talkies. Do you need a matching one or can you buy them separately and tune them to the same frequency?

I am able to accept the occurrence of the zombie apocalypse over how fast this guy made it to Savannah.
I didn't take any of the supplies either, I was like... why are you blaming me for that, and I hated him, if it wasn't for him, Lee wouldn't be dead.
And I think the same thing, how does he do so well, I mean, if he talked through the walkie talkie all the time with Clem, he must've been close all the time. So, was he speeding next to the train when they found out about the walkie talkie? (when Clem was asleep).

On a different thought, do you think Clem was really abducted by the stranger? Or do you think she escaped from Lee because she was angry he didn't want to go look for her parents?
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