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Originally Posted by Nitnoid View Post
Also happens after you redo a mission and it tries loading the last save, it'll freeze at the first loading graphic.
Yeah, it's so annoying, I want to get my 70 gold medals, but it's impossible!

Originally Posted by the_b1ues View Post
This is happening to me 9/10 times very frustrating. Does it save when you end a mission or when you quit to dashboard to you loose progress?
If you were repeating a mission, it doesn't save until it loads again, so if it freezed when loading, you will lose it.

Originally Posted by Nitnoid View Post
When you complete a mission it will save at that point. If you replay a mission, it will make a save prior to starting the mission and then you do the mission, when it completes, it SHOULD save at that point and then reload your campaign game. Its at this point that it locks up on me.

Having said that, I may have found a solution. I have not been playing online but decided to make sure I had the most up to date version in everything. I went online and had to download the Beach Bum Pack and the Capture pack. I then tooled around a bit online and went back to my game. It started saving and loading properly after that. I can even load up a previous save from weeks ago. I'm heading over to R* support site and complete my ticket on the problem.
I'm going to try deleting cache, and updates and everything, and downloading them again to see if it works... But I already have all the packs installed
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