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1. Nighttime - I reasoned that giving Lee a bit of time to rest his injured leg would improve his mobility. I have not watched the show or read the comics as of this post, so I didn't know better.
2. Lied to Hershel - I didn't even realize this was a choice at the time, but I get the impression that this choice was intended to be a hint that what you say has consequences down the line. Either way, I appreciated the advice.
3. Saved Duck - Duck is only a kid. Even if he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, he didn't deserve to die for it. Of course, I didn't know that Shawn dies regardless of your choice.
4. Sided with Kenny - As understandable as Larry's concerns are, I had seen for myself what had happened to Duck. I'd try to reason with him, but that doesn't mean I'd let him domineer the group.
5. Gave the gun to Irene - Becoming a walker is irreversible, so it would be inhumane to draw out her suffering. I felt that forcing Carley to do it was wrong, but I would have ended her pain with whatever method was available.
6. Saved Carley - I thought that giving Carley the ammo she needed would allow her to rescue Doug. As for her not knowing about the batteries, Doug shouting was a poor decision as well, so that's a wash. Furthermore, I felt it was unwise to risk incurring Larry's ire any more than I already had.
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