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Achievement Guide and Roadmap

A big thank you to AcidDrop and packattack04082 for the videos! The guide should be 100% right now. Leave a comment if you feel it is not and I will make any changes necessary.

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 20 (1000)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 6-8 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3+ (Easy/Normal, Hard, Extreme, and additional plays of levels to earn money for the vault)
-Number of missable achievements: None. You can use Chapter Select after beating the game.
-Do cheat codes disable achievements ? No cheats.
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes, achievements for clearing the game on hard and extreme modes.
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements? No
-Extra equipment needed? No


Playthrough 1: Play on normal or easy mode. During this playthrough you can grab most of the achievements relatively easily. Easy and normal difficulty have 5 heart containers to collect for an achievement where Hard and Insane only have 3 making Bless Me Bagpipes only attainable on this playthrough. If you miss any heart containers while playing don't worry, after completing the game you are taken back to Scrooge's office where you can buy art, dive into the money pit and select any levels that you have already passed. It's A Duck Blur is also only attainable on a easy/normal playthrough as magic coins do not appear in harder difficulties.

Playthrough 2: On this playthrough you will be playing on hard mode. Beating the game on Hard mode will also unlock the Extreme difficulty option. Hard mode is the same as easy and normal where as enemies spawn in the same spots and the boss strategies are the same. The main differences in Hard mode is that you do not have unlimited lives, there is no map for you to view, you only have 2 heart containers to find and enemies take a full heart away when you get hit instead of half. You will be earning 1ups by collecting little Scrooge McDuck dolls along the way. It's good to search levels to find the heart containers since they will give you an extra hit each before you die and finding Mrs. Beakley since she gives you 2 health items and a 1up each time you run into her.

Playthrough 3: Extreme! It's time to step it up and go for your hardcore extreme run. Extreme is just like Hard but health items are much more scarce and if you die you are shot back a bit and will need to replay some sections of the level. If you run out of lives you get shot back to the main menu. You should be familiar with the game now and have the basic boss strategies down.

Mop Up: Now that you have all the difficulty and story achievements you will still to unlock all gallery items in the vault. If playing on Hard or Extreme you will earn more cash from a multiplier, also since those difficulties only have 2 hearts to collect the other 3 heart chests will hold treasures worth $1,000,000 which will help shorten the grind.

Work Smarter Not Harder 10G
Defeat Big Time Beagle using your noggin

You will get this by finishing the tutorial level. When fighting Big Time Beagle he will throw a globe or a statue bust at you depending on what side of the room he is on. Dodge the attacks by either jumping over the bust or running under the globe then use your swing attack on the item to knock the safe onto Big Time Beagle knocking him out. Once he is down use your pogo jump on his head and he will get up and proceed to start his attacks again. Repeat this 5 times and the achievement is yours.

Superstitious Hocus Pocus 15G
Collect the Coin of the Lost Realm

Story related. You will receive this once you finish the Transylvania level.

Extravagant Housewares 15G
Collect the Sceptre of the Incan King

Story related. You will receive this once you finish the Amazon level.

Where No Duck Has Gone Before 15G
Collect the Green Cheese of Longevity

Story related. You will receive this once you finish the Moon level.

Any Crash You Can Walk Away From 15G
Collect the Lost Crown of Ghengis Khan

Story related. You will receive this once you finish the Himalayas level.

Garbage Collector 15G
Collect the Giant Diamond of Inner Earth

Story related. You will receive this once you finish the African Mines level.

Luck o' the Ducks 25G
Get back what Magica stole

Story related. You will receive this towards the end of the Vesuvius level.

The Duck Who Would Be King 15G
Collect $10,000,000

Each level should net you about $2,000,000+ if you play on easy. You should be able to grab a little over $1,000,000 in gems throughout each level and the item at the end of the level will also add another $1m to your total. There is a multiplier for harder difficulties as well so this should come to you as you play through the game. This is not accumulative, you need to have all $10,000,000 in your bank at once. You do not need to spend money on anything in the game other than artwork, music, etc so just hold onto it and it should pop before you complete the game your first time through.

Bless Me Bagpipes 35G
Collect All the Heart Containers on Easy or Medium difficulty

There are 5 heart containers that you can earn on Easy or Medium difficulty. On Hard and Extreme there are only 2. This is best done on Easy since you have less to worry about in terms of getting hurt while exploring. Each level yields a heart container hidden in a large treasure box and is usually found by finding hidden passages. I will be adding a detailed description for each level shortly. Here's a video from packattack04082 showing the locations of all the containers.

Tougher than the Toughies 40G
Beat game on Hard difficulty

Hard is just like the easy/normal playthrough except for the fact that instead of unlimited lives and continues you will lose lives each time you die. Once all of your lives are used up you will have to start the level all over again from the beginning. Collecting little Scrooge McDuck dolls will give you an extra life so make sure to bust open any chests to find them and explore in corners to see if any pop up. Also finding Mrs. Beakley will award you with 2 health items and a 1UP each time that you run into her. Since you have to play on easy or normal for specific achievements before running through on hard you should focus on learning the boss patterns and having a strategy ready for them on this playthrough.

Smarter than the Smarties 75G
Beat game on Extreme difficulty

Extreme is a lot like the Hard difficulty but with one difference, if you lose all your lives you do not start again at the beginning of the stage. Once all of your lives are used up you will be shot back to the main menu and have to start the entire game all over. You can not play this mode until you have completed the game on Hard so by now this should be your third playthrough and you should have a very good idea of how to avoid damage from the different enemy types and have the boss battles down to a science. Take your time and make sure to collect every health item and 1up that you can. Here is a video guide showing all the boss fights with no damage to help you with the strategies. Thanks to packattack04082 for the video!

Connoisseur of the Arts 50G
Unlock all art in the Gallery

You will need to earn somewhere between $75-$100 million dollars to be able to unlock every item in the gallery. Play on higher difficulties to earn a multiplier to make this a quicker grind.

Art Aficionado 5G
Buy art in the gallery

Simply buy any item in the gallery and you will earn this achievement.

Look Ma, No Spats! 15G
Enter the underground section of Amazon and climb up the other side using only the pogo jump.

In the Amazon level there will be 2 entrances to the underground section in the first part of the level. You must climb down the rope on either side and then only use your pogo jump to reach the rope on the opposite side and climb up to the surface again. This will probably take you a few attempts so try both routes to see which is easier for you. If you get hit or miss a pogo jump then you must start over by climbing back up the rope to the surface and reentering the underground section. This is best done on easy since you have infinite lives and will probably get hit or miss a pogo on the spikes a few times along the way. Thanks to AcidDrop for the video!

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