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Originally Posted by Sesing View Post
I discovered a real anoying bug!

I played extreme today. Had a good run, had 6 lives at the end where you have to make that run for the coin.

I missed the first jumps so these two villains where first. I pushed start to skip the cutscene, but then the game did not continue. I waited a few seconds, nothing happened. Then I notice that when I press into a direction I hear scrooge walking and jumping, so I managed to jump back up and then jumped into the nothing below. So the game took another life and then started the race again, this time I was first. But when I touched the coin, nothing happened! the villains came up, touched it, lost a 1up. Every round again the same bug.

Wont play it again, GTA V is next.

Imagine that - I tried it three times already, beat everything without problem, got to the race with 5-6 lives and got the same glitch! Three fucking times... So dissapointing... Few people already catched that and tried to write to Capcom's support. No reply...
Stupid crappy glitch!
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