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Ice Saw is most definitely the best Weapon to do this.. it cut's of a limb 90% of the Time on the first hit so you don't do to much Damage on your Enemy... No Mercy is alot easier but with the Ice Saw it can also be done on Humane! It just takes a few tries so if you don't get this during ACT 3 on Human do it on No Mercy later instead it's alot easier on No Mercy cause the Enemies have more Life. I'm pretty sure on No Mercy the Weapon doesn't really matter so Machete on No Mercy during Act 1 should also work.... but as i said on HUMANE Difficulty use the Ice Saw during ACT 3.

Originally Posted by rsmorais View Post
Good to know. I started playing at No Mercy and after cut the arms I was trying cut off legs...

You can't cut off Legs.. you need to cut of both Arms and the Head afterwards.. if done correctly your Enemy should walk around without a Head and Arms a bit before he/she Dies.. if your Enemy Dies from your decapitation you're doing to much Damage.. that happens 90% of the Time on Humane Difficulty so use the Ice Saw or try on No Mercy.

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