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How do I know which are strory mission??

I know this is probably a dumb question, but it's doing my head in and I can't find the answer! Probably because it's so bloody obvious! And massive apologies if this is someone else already but I have searched, a lot!

How do I know which missions are story related? Someone told me not to do the Leister missions (apart from the first one) until you've finished the story so you have more money to put on the stock market, so these obviously aren't story missions.

So which ones are, how do I know? ARGH! Is it just the ones that are the letter of one of the 3 characters? So either the M, T or F? Only only 4 hours in so a lot more to go I know, but feel like maybe playing the story through first is the way to go? With a few random events, strangers & freaks and hobbies thrown in for good measure.

Any advise welcome.



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