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Originally Posted by Dirty130 View Post
Any R* game gets the full treatment from hackers/modders..
Any and every game gets hacked/modded, there's no reason for it other than "because they can", no matter who the developer is.

I don't think that the micro-transactions have had any influence on the actual game, besides giving people a reason to moan, the extra money doesn't give anyone access to anything that isn't unlocked via normal game play.

I do believe that R* implemented micro-transactions poorly: well, I believe they shouldn't have added it at all, but it's the done thing nowadays, micro-transactions should be left to free2play games and not used to milk the players of full price games.

And I really can't see the point in selling blocks of in game money, as apposed to what developers usually use as micro-transaction bait: in game customization items (that aren't available to people not willing to pay) and money/exp boosts.

I'm also sure that I've heard a few adverts on the ingame radio that take the piss out of micro-transactions, so there's some lovely hypocrisy on the part R*.

I just think that R* have mismanaged the online portion of their game, expecting it to take on a sort of MMO status with out having to (or just not being able to) actually put in the work to develop and maintain the sort of online experience (and economy) that the type of online they were aiming for demands.

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