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I can safely say that i will never, ever buy a micro-transaction in any way, shape or form. Its definitely disheartening to see how the current trend of 'nickel and dime-ing' customers has leeched itself onto full retail games, from the "Filthy casuals" (Quote form Gackt ) over on the smartphones and tablets.

I think its reflective of the way a large portion of the worlds populous have almost become... morons in the last decade or so. For some reason society as a whole has become so obsessed with instant gratification, that working towards a goal and gaining a sense of accomplishment in achieving said goal has lost all value.

All devs/publishers are doing is being opportunistic with the way they design stuff like cash payouts and rewards for mission completions in GTA. Forza 5 another is a key example; Turn 10's 'Tokens' were present in the past games but its seems that in 5, there intrusiveness has been notched up to a whole new level with constant reminders and pop-ups. This is also reflected by the outrage from the community, that rewards given for completing a race were pretty much worthless. This pretty much encourages the gamer who perhaps doesn't have much time or patience, to spend somewhere up to 35 just for one virtual car.

To shorten, my opinion is that MCTs impede on game design, as devs purposely lower rewards and such, in order to press for players to spend even more cash.

Some of you may disagree, but i couldn't give a shit.

Also i remember watching this a while ago, and its pretty much the same view to what ive just type

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