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Originally Posted by Looter1 View Post
I must say it's not so much fun when every match that you actually get into you seem to be matched with opponents who are 'prestige 8' and above. What's the best way to level up so I can even survive more than 2 seconds against these veterans?

I've tried some skirmishes, but most of the time it's me & AI and the AI is kinda useless and dies almost as much as me!
Not sure if you're still checking this, or if you are even still playing GOME, but the best way to level up is to simply keep facing them Prestige 8s, lol.

Battlegrounds always give the most XP

You don't have to prestige yourself though, just a heads up, it is literally the same as COD where all you get is a different symbol next to your gamertag.

Hit lvl 20, invest in Guardians that tickle your fancy, and make that all important killer load out that kicks ass ;D

Msg me on Live for tips on any guardian if you want, or head over to the official GOME websites forums, it's pretty much dead now, but there's plenty info on many champs there as well as forums for finding other players to play with.

It's a good game but very niche, so getting somewhat good at it, takes practice

And if I'm up for it, I may even be up for a game or two to help :P

Wo ai ni!! ^.^


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