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*Pausing the game selecting 'load' and loading your save back up will put you back at the beginning of the level... So
Essentially you don't even have to wait to get your score to see if you got 100% and having to dashboard. Just add my score to your total world score. If you're not even near what you should have at the end, then pause and load your save back up, you will spawn at the beginning of the level. For example if you screw up a disco level, by missing jewels or messing up the combo you can quickly just pause and load your game again to start at the beginning.
*Jewels that pop out of pigpots and the ones teensies give disappear pretty quick so make sure you prioritize those.
*Pigpots don't need a fully charged punch to break them open. Just hold 'X' for like 1-2 seconds and that should be enough to break em. This will help when comboing the pigpots into your combos. While the red upgrade is equipped you don't even need to charge your punch.
*Always grab the lowest jewels in your combo first.
*Try and always keep a X2 upgrade (blue lasts the longest, then green, red, orange, yellow) especially grabbing jewels and killing enemies.
*Before going after jewels and collectables search around, come up with a strategy. Break Cages, because they don't give any points for breaking them or continue your combo, BUT some cages give a group of yellow jewels or one red jewel or one Green jewel or an upgrade. Kill any enemies first, a lot of the time they will drop a X2 upgrade.
I didn't combo any of the collectibles, just make sure you grab them with X2 upgrade if possible.
*If there’s a X2 upgrade during a boss fight make sure you have it equipped before killing him because some bosses will give you 3,000 instead of the normal 1,500
*Enemies with a gold '$' symbol above their heads will drop an X2 upgrade when killed.
*Killing an enemy will continue your combo (until you kill or pick up a jewel or collectible) for 7 seconds, some rare enemies will be less. Using your 'RB' ability (which unlocks at The Desert Of Knaaren after act 6) will continue your combo for about 5-6 seconds. Jewels continue your combo for about 2-3 seconds.
*Using your 'RB' ability will not only continue your combo for a bit, but also give 10 points, give you a little life and make that black lum a red one.

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